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Two Reasons Why Your Refund will Delay.

Did you file your tax return and you do not know why you did not get your refund?

Corey & Associates Accounting Firm filed over 500 returns during this Covert 19 Crises.

One reason why you did not get your refund.

You had a child and were going to get Earn Income Credits (EIC) for your family.

This is the part of the refund that you are getting an extra bonus for your children when they are under age 0f 18.

The issue is that their is so much fraud with credit. Boyfriends and Grand Parents are taking the child on the tax return.

They are not the legal guardian and not entitled to the extra money.

EIC returns are pulled out and check by the IRS. Letters are sent that you are the parent or legal guardian of the child.

Second reason is you are getting either credit for your Tesla Car or you are getting Energy Credits. They have someone who says that only a percent did that that year. Every one of these types of returns must be pulled out and checked.

For the last 3 months the IRS office are closed and no one to talk see the reason why.

You are just going to have to wait it out.

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