Common Payment Problems Taxpayers Experience With The IRS

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Common Payment Problems Taxpayers Experience With The IRS by Corey and Associates

Irrespective of your profession, you definitely work hard for your money, so having part of your earnings deducted as taxes can be displeasing. To save as much money as possible when filing your taxes, you may consider handling your taxes by yourself. After all, what could go wrong?

If you’re heading down this path thinking that it will save you time and money, then, unfortunately, you’re mistaken! The lack of professional advice or taxation knowledge when filing taxes can deplete your earnings even further in the form of overpayments or fines. To help you understand how this could happen to you when settling your own taxes, Corey & Associates has listed three common problems that force you to overpay the IRS. 

1. Double tax payments.
When filing taxes, most people attempt to reduce the tax amount they owe, but quite often, there are situations where people overpay the government unknowingly. The main reason for this is their unawareness of the deductions already made from paychecks by employers. Overpayments may also occur when people don’t calculate all the deductions and credits that they are eligible for. To overcome this problem, it’s essential to hire a dedicated bookkeeper and ensure they are made aware of all income sources, expenses, and deductions at source.

2. Paying late fees all the time.
There are deadlines by which tax return forms need to be filed, claims need to be made, and fees need to be paid. If these timelines are exceeded, it will cost the taxpayer money in the form of a penalty or fine. To avoid paying extra unnecessarily, it’s essential to be aware of declarations made by the IRS and follow them accordingly.

3. Not considering professional assistance.
When unsure about what to do while calculating taxes, it’s critical to hire an expert. Tax accountants are well-versed with the requirements to file taxes, the process, and the timeframe. They have all of the answers to the questions most taxpayers have on their mind and can advise clients on the best practices to cut taxes.

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