Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make

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Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make by Corey and Associates

If you’re planning to start a new business or currently own a small business, then you would have experienced the dilemma of choosing between a decision that’s profitable or not. With so many rules and regulations to consider while starting and running your small business, it becomes difficult to focus only on the profits and accounts.

Unfortunately, when running a business, issues of employees, market trends and competitors take precedence, and the financials take backstage. Before you know it, bookkeeping and accounts have piled up, and you’re up for an audit, or your profits have turned to losses.

As experienced tax accountants, Corey & Associates understand your situation and want to help you, which is why we have put together a list of three of the most common mistakes small businesses make and how to avoid them.

1. Doing everything on your own.

This is the most common mistake with almost all small businesses. You would want to do everything on your own to avoid extra financial burden to the business. The drawback here is that you would not be an expert in every field and by the time you learn about a specific thing you might have lost the most precious element of time and energy. Doing everything on your own takes away the focus from your primary mission of running the small business effectively. This is why it is best to hire experts and avoid falling in the trap of ‘know it all’ or ‘do it all on your own!’

2. Doing the accounts on your own.

Another mistake which many small businesses make is to underestimate the power of accounting. Keeping an account of your personal expenses is one thing and working on the financial accounts of your small businesses is quite a different thing. You might be tempted to use popular accounting software like ‘Turbo tax’ or ‘Quick books’ to save money. However, you need to understand that they lack the potential to help you plan ahead of time or set new goals in lieu of your current standings, and you might end up wasting your time and money without the right professional guidance.

3. Not hiring professionals.

The one thing that you need most but are maybe afraid to ask for is - sound advice! You may get contradicting opinions from your close ones and well-wishers, but they actually may have no experience in assisting clients like you. Effective delegation is the best way for new small business owners to build their businesses, free up their time for business activities that require their unique expertise, and build a team positioned for future success.

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