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Florida Start LLC and Benefit from This Flexible Business Structure

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Florida Start LLC and Benefit from This Flexible Business Structure by Corey and Associates

Florida Why Start an LLC  (Limited Liability Company)

Florida Why Start an LLC Limited Liability Company)
Business owners are well-aware of what is an LLC or the liability protection LLC offers to the owners. You also desire to take advantage of the flexible LLC setup, which is easy to form, protect personal assets, and have few ongoing reporting needs.

How to start LLC?

Every state rules and procedures for setting up an LLC differs.

However, there are some standard steps you will need to follow for your LLC set up.

Choose LLC name

Two business companies should not have the same name, even if both are not in the same city or state.

Several states restrict you from using specific words in names like ‘bank.’

Think of a unique name and check the proposed name for availability before you file the paperwork.

The unique name helps to avoid confusion as well as trademark infringement claims. 

in Florida, you would check at Sunbiz.org

Check if a domain name, which suits your business name is available or not. If 

Reserve LLC name

In some states, you can reserve the proposed business name. You will need to fill a form and pay name reservation fee. Check the reservation period, renewal policies, and filing fees in advance because they differ from one state to another. In Florida, they do not follow this practice.

Choose registered agent

The registered agent is the representative of LLC, who has given consent to receive subpoenas, lawsuits, and official documents. He then passes it to the proper LLC member. An LLC officer or member can act as registered agent.

Draft LLC operating a document

It is a roadmap, which clearly describes how to operate the LLC, voting rights, ownership interests, allocation of profit and loss, meeting schedules, rights of a member leaving the business or dies, etc. This is not required legally but helps to reduce future disagreements among business owners.  

Filing document with the state

Articles of the organization are filed after a registered agent of the LLC signs the form. Filling with the secretary of state is your next step.

Get LLC formation state certificate.

State issues a document, which confirms the official existence of your LLC business. Now, you can obtain business tax ID number, bank account, and license.

Make sure to fill the paperwork appropriately and have a clearly-defined operating agreement.

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